Office: Plantation, Florida
Telephone: 954-282-9313
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Office: Plantation, Florida
Telephone: 954-282-9313
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Sounetu Consulting Group at a glance:

Our team consists of seasoned developers, security specialists, data scientists and Project Managers. Our combined experience and pragmatic approach make Sounetu Consulting Group unique and fully-qualified to solve your IT problems and achieve measurable results. We deliver the best fully-managed business solutions and with Sounetu, there are no surprises.  We promote a company culture that encourages an open and enterprising environment. We work closely with our clients and partners because we believe strong relationships ensure success.  Our company is agile and adapts quickly to change to help you make informed decisions to reach your goals.

Picture about the company


SOUNETU IS derived from the South African terms unbuntu and inotu meaning “humanity to others.” We are defined by our compassion towards others and the strength of our community. Our mission is founded on the principle of connecting people and technology to deliver innovation and transformational outcomes for our customers. Our core values empower us:

Our Vision is to be the trusted partner for clients who value the process and methodology we use to help them increase their technology proficiency so that they become our advocates and champions.

  • Respect

    We respect our environment, partners, clients and people.

  • Quality

    We take pride in our work and pursue outstanding service to our clients and partners.

  • Passion

    We are determined and committed to achieve the optimum results for our clients.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit 

    We take risks to reach beyond our limits.

  • Ethics

    We are honest, open and fair. We do what we say.

  • 90all


    We are authentic and trustworthy.